Permanent Make Up Clinic for Eyebrows and Lips

Modern Cosmetics Tattoo for Eyebrows and Lips in Anchorage, Alaska.

Vibrant Lips and Stunning Eyebrows

At Thao Cole Artistry, it is my pleasure to give you new, fabulous eyebrowns and lips through my extensive pernament make up techniques I’ve gained over the years

How to get started

Step 1

Book an appointment

To Begin:

  1. Proivide your contact information
  2. Please fill out the consent form and provide your treatment history
  3. Please read through my terms of agreement and deposit policy

Step 2

Come get your eyebrows/lips done

During your appointment:

  1. We’ve have a 1 Hour Consultation to get that brow/lip shape or color you want
  2. The procedure will take around 3-4 Hours to complete

Step 3

Follow the aftercare and get your touch up

Now we’ll

  1. Follow the Aftercare instuctions and let your lips and eyebrows glow!
  2. Come in and make any touch up appointment needed